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Casinoval aims to be the best Online Casino. With innovative games and a COMPLETELY NEW LUCKY DRAW system, we look forward to make each gaming experience for our customers a fun and mesmerizing one. We want to satisfy all our customer desires and give each player a real carnival feel. Our technicians and representatives are available 24/7 to ensure that each player is well looked after. We are CASINOVAL and are proud to welcome you to your new favorite Casino Online!


We have 24/7 specialists to serve you. Feel free to Email us or call: 1-(403)-668-4911.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



1. - Click the "Download" button.

2. - A window will appear asking if you want to run the file or save the file to your computer, click "RUN".

3.- Go to your Windows Desktop (or the location where you chose to save the program) and double click on CasinoVal.Tv_Eng.exe file .You will then be asked to accept the end user license agreement. Once read, you may simply click I Agree or Cancel.

4.-If you click I agree, the install wizard will now connect to the game server to start the installation process. The casinoval setup will open. Simply click INSTALL to start.

5.-The installation process will now begin. Your installation progress will be indicated by a progress bar.