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Casinoval aims to be the best Online Casino. With innovative games and a COMPLETELY NEW LUCKY DRAW system, we look forward to make each gaming experience for our customers a fun and mesmerizing one. We want to satisfy all our customer desires and give each player a real carnival feel. Our technicians and representatives are available 24/7 to ensure that each player is well looked after. We are CASINOVAL and are proud to welcome you to your new favorite Casino Online!


We have 24/7 specialists to serve you. Feel free to Email us or call: 1-(403)-668-4911.

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Your main objective is to obtain the best -paying hand. The machine deals a five card hand. You may hold or replace cards as many times as you wish. Video Poker has the same ranking system as table poker. We offer four types of Video Poker games: JACKS OR BETTER, JACKPOT POKER, TENS OR BETTER and BONUS POKER.